Opal Wapoo Race Rules


ATTENTION!  Excelsior springs, excelsior springs chamber, waterfest, race organizers, sponsors and all parties contributing to this event are in no way responsIble for your saftey, transport or rescue!  You are responsIble for you!

  • All Riders are required to sign a waiver prior to the race.

  • Roads will remain open to vehicle traffic. Please exercise caution and obey traffic laws. No special precautions or road closures will be executed for this event.

  • All riders are required to wear a helmet.

  • Earbuds or headphones are prohibited. Riders must be able to listen for approaching traffic.

  • No e-bikes. All bikes must be 100% human powered.

  • Riders must print a cue sheet. All riders are required to carry cue cards - if you plan to use cue cards as your sole method of navigation, you should have some sort of device with an odometer (or that measures distance). A GPS-enabled cycling computer is not required, but keep in mind it is your most reliable source of navigation. Cell phone apps will not be reliable due to being in remote areas with limited cell service. The course will not be marked!

  • Support crews are only allowed on the course for the purpose of rescue and will result in a DNF. Accepting support from anyone besides other participants and residents who live on the course, except at the first aid station and 62-mile checkpoint for the Wapoo 100.

  • There will be a checkpoint at Mile 62 for the Wapoo 100 (near Rayville, MO). ALL RIDERS will be required to check in with the race official. Those who neglect to check in will receive a DNF. Riders must reach this checkpoint by 2:00 pm or receive a DNF.

  • Riders will also be required to check in at the 82-mile aid station. Riders must reach this checkpoint by 4:00 pm or receive a DNF.

  • Do not litter. Leave nothing behind.

  • Each participant must carry with them each item on this list:

    • A cell phone to contact someone should you need help

    • A GPS device or a cycling computer to use in conjunction with cue sheets. Not all roads have road signs.

    • A blinking light for visibility if needed (100 mile race only)

    • Tire/tube replacement/repair tools and inflation device

    • Minimum of 2-3 water bottles are required. A small hydration pack is highly recommended.

  • The route must be followed! If you make a wrong turn you must return to your previous position without making any forward progress. Any shortcut of the course will result in a DNF. If you decide to cut your ride short you must report DNF to a race official

  • The Opal Wapoo is a rain or shine event, although Race Organizers reserve the right to alter the course and/or postpone or re-schedule the race if certain inclement whether conditions prohibits the race from being held.