Cue Cards/GPX


cue cards

Please download and print the cue cards.  You are required to carry these cue cards with you, preferably fixed to your handlebars, during the race.  We recommend that you use cue cards in conjunction with a GPS and or a cycling computer with an odometer.  We also recommend that you carry a second, backup set of cue cards.

Wapoo 100-Mile Cue Card

Opal 52-Mile Cue Card

Baby Poo 20-Mile Cue Card


This GPX file is made available to download into your cycling computer/GPS.  You are required to also use cue sheets in case of GPS failure.  Though changes to the route are not expected, in the case changes are required we will notify all participants of the new GPX file.

Wapoo 100-Mile GPX File

Opal 52-Mile GPX File

Baby Poo 20-Mile GPX File

aid station access

The following cue cards include maps and directions to each of the locations on the 100-mile course where support crews may meet you. These are designed to NOT drive on the course.

Aid Station, Mile 28: Of the Earth Farm & Distillery

Checkpoint, Mile 62: Van Till Winery